Mastering a List

Viewing Mastery percentage

In order to see mastery percentage for a given list, students can go to the page for that list. Students can get to any list by clicking on the list name from the My Lists section.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-26_at_1.41.05_PM.pngThe main menu with My Lists highlighted

They will find their mastery percentage for that list under "List Mastery" whether or not they've completed a Practice session on that list. 


A list page with the mastery percentage indicator highlighted


Finishing Mastery 

If you want your students to master every word on a list, they will need to click the Finish Mastery button. Students will see this button after they finish Practice for a list.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-26_at_1.51.15_PM.pngA completed practice activity with the Finish Mastery button highlighted

We recommend students complete Practice before finishing mastery on a list so that you will be able to see their progress on your teacher dashboard. If a student has navigated away from their completed practice activity, they can find the Finish Mastery button on the list page (see above). If a student has made no progress on any word on the list, they will find the "Start Mastery" button next to the 0% mastery percentage.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-26_at_1.55.57_PM.png A list page with the Start Mastery button highlighted

If a student has any progress on any word on the list, they will find the Finish Mastery button next to their mastery percentage. When a student clicks the Start Mastery or Finish Mastery button, they will be taken to a focused version of The VocabTrainer where they will work to finish the mastering the words on the list. Students can tell they are on this focused version of The VocabTrainer by looking beneath the question where it says "Currently Playing" followed by The VocabTrainer and the name of the list. The percentage that appears here is the mastery percentage for that list.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-26_at_1.58.00_PM.png Focused version of the VocabTrainer where students master words

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