Adding Co-Teachers

After creating a class on, you have the option of adding up to 5 other co-teachers. Co-teachers can create and edit assignments, add or remove students from the class, and view student progress data. Co-teachers are only available if your school and district has a subscription.

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How to Add Co-Teachers to Your Classes:

  • Go to your class page -  You can see all the classes you are teaching by going to the Classes I'm Teaching page.  Click on the class you'd like to invite a co-teacher to.
  • Click on the Add Students & Teachers Tab - Scroll down until you see the option to invite co-teachers.
  • Email invitations to your teachers - Enter a teacher’s email address and click the Invite Co-Teacher button. We’ll send an invitation to that teacher. Repeat this process with up to 5 teachers.


What happens when a teacher clicks the class invitation link?

When a teacher clicks the invitation link, they will become a co-teacher for that class. If they have an account on, and are already logged in, they will automatically be added as a co-teacher for the class. If not, they will be instructed to log in or be given simple instructions on how to create an account. 

After a co-teacher is added to your class, they will be able to view all student progress data. They will be able to create and edit assignments or add and remove students from the class. Their name will also be visible under the class title. 

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Removing a co-teacher:

Co-teachers can remove themselves from a class, or can be removed by the teacher who created the class. To remove a co-teacher go to the Add Students & Teachers tab for the class and click the red Remove button.


The Add Students & Teachers Tab

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