Subscription Plan FAQ

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our subscription plans. 

What are the limitations of the free/trial version?
Currently, with the free version, you can invite students to classes and view data for the top 3 students. You can use the free version for an unlimited amount of time, and assign Practice and Spelling Bees to your students. The limitations include not being able to assign Quizzes, see full progress reports, or view data for your entire class.

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Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer monthly subscriptions at this time. 


What happens if I go over my plan limit?
Students who try to join your classes will be placed on a waiting list. You will receive notification that you have students waiting to join your classes. If you decide to upgrade, you can easily add any students on the waiting list to your classes. You'll never lose any data and can always see all information for students who join your classes at a later time.


Why can't I select a smaller plan?
You may only select a plan that accommodates the number of students in your classes. If you'd like to select a smaller plan (and that option is disabled), you may choose to remove some students from your classes and then complete the change to your subscription.


Can I change my plan?
You may change your plan at any time. If you are upgrading your subscription, we will charge your credit card for the full price of the new plan and we will issue a credit for the unused portion of your old plan. If you are moving to a smaller plan, we will switch you to the new plan at the end of your billing period.

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Can I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time from the My Account page. When you cancel your subscription, you will maintain access to your classes through the end of your billing period. At the end of your billing period, we will not charge your credit card and you will no longer have access to reports for your classes.


What if my school or district decides to purchase?
Simply accept the invitation from your school's administrator by clicking on the invitation link. We will not charge your credit card again for your individual subscription once you join you school or district's subscription.


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