What happens after my class ends?

When creating a class on Vocabulary.com, you'll be prompted to select an end date. After this end date, your class is no longer considered active. You won't lose access to existing student data, but the class score will no longer increase, no new students will be able to join and you will no longer be able to assign work to that class. If you happen to accidentally select an end date too early for a class still in use, not to worry! Vocabulary.com is still keeping track of student progress and will automatically backfill the data once the class is extended. 

Extending an expired class

  • Log in to your Vocabulary.com account.


  • Click on the date selection tool on the right


  • Select School Year To Date.


  • Click on the class you wish to extend


  • Click on the gray Edit Class Details button on the top right.


  • Select a new end date for this class. The class will be extended to this date.

When is it time to create new classes?

Please note, classes are meant to come to an end after every school year. At the beginning of every school year, you should take the time to create entirely new classes. 

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