Practicing a List vs. Mastering a List - What's the Difference?

What is Practice, and when should I do it?

Practice sessions are short exercises generally designed to be done in a single sitting. When you practice a list, you'll play questions on the words in your list.  We'll show you a few questions on each word in your list and focus on words that you struggle with.  It's like a mini-version of The VocabTrainer, but focused on the words in your list. 

We recommend Practice for short-term goals like learning for an upcoming quiz or homework assignment.

Note for Teachers: When you assign a Vocabulary List to a class, you are assigning a Practice activity for that list. When you see progress reports for each student (and the entire class), you are viewing the maximum progress that they have attained in a Practice session. If you are grading students based on, we recommend that you use Practice progress for general assignments or homework and the quiz score for tests and, well, quizzes.

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What is Finish Mastery, and when should I use it?

When you click on Finish Mastery, we will work with you until you master every word on the list.

Remember, mastering words takes time, so finishing mastery for a list (which is really mastering every word on that list) can take a long time.

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