Introduction to the Administrator Dashboards

Administrators and Power Users have access to additional reporting features that allow them to assess school, teacher, and student activity on and invite additional users to your school or district subscription.

If you are an administrator (or power user), when you log on to, you will be taken to the Schools & Teachers page.


Inviting Teachers

To invite teachers to your school’s or district subscription, click the blue Invite Teachers button at the top. 


The admin dashboard

You can then copy and paste all the teacher email addresses into the box on the left (separated by commas or line breaks) or click the link on the right to copy the teacher invitation URL.


The teacher invite page

If you opt to paste the teacher emails on the left, when you click Send Invitations we will send every teacher an email with a button they can click to join the subscription. If you opt to click the link on the right hand side, you will then need to send this to teachers externally. We recommend sending a personalized email with the invitation URL and a link to our help center to help teachers get started!

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Schools & Teachers Dashboard
The Schools and Teachers dashboard shows overall usage on your account and allows you to drill down to the school, teacher or the student level. You can always access this report by clicking on "My Account" and then clicking on "Schools & Teachers" in the top navigation.  


The admin dashboard

Overall Usage Chart

At the top of the page, you will see a bar chart that will show your overall usage of over time.  The default view shows the number of questions played by week for this school year, but you can change it using the date range selector.

Below the bar chart are four columns that show questions answered (correct/total), words mastered, hours spent, and total points earned.  Click on any one of these columns to show that statistic in the bar chart and the rest of the page. 


The admin dashboard data


Date Range Selector

The date range selector is located above the bar graph on the right. Click on the date range selector to select a custom date range for the report. You may enter a custom date range, or pick from one of our handy presets.


The admin dashboard date range selector


The School Selector

If your account serves more than one school, and you are located in the US or Canada, you will see a column of schools on the left-hand side of the screen. Clicking on a school will filter the report to show only information about that school.  Click "All Schools" at the top of the school selector to return to an unfiltered view.  


Top Teachers

On the left under the bar chart is a list of the top teachers for your account.  The list is sorted by whatever statistic you have selected in the usage chart above  (The default is questions answered).  Totals are accumulated based on the performance of all the students in each teacher's classes.  To view the top teachers by school, select a school from the school selector on the right.  


The top teachers section


To view more information on any individual teacher, click the teacher's name.  You will be brought to a page that shows all of that teacher's classes.  From there, you can continue to drill down to review individual class and student activity. 

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Top Students

On the right-side under the bar chart is a list of the top students for your account.  Similar to the Top Teachers chart, it can be re-sorted by any statistic you choose in the chart above and can be filtered by school by selecting a school in the school selector to the left.  


The top students section


Note that if a student is in multiple classes on, we will list the first class that the student is in.  Click on the class name to view that student's performance in that class.

To return to the Administrator dashboard after drilling down to any level, simply use your browsers back button.



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