I can't find my school / Can you add my school?

If you can't find your school in the school chooser:

  • Try typing just the zip code of your school.  That's often the easiest way to narrow down the choices.
  • Are you outside the United States or Canada, or at a College or University? Sorry, right now we only have US and Canadian K-12 schools in our database.  Of course, you can still play Vocabulary.com individually, you just can't compete in the Vocabulary Bowl.
  • Is your school new, or did it recently change names or merge with another school?  We try to keep our database up to date, but there are a lot of schools out there.  If your school's information recently changed, let us know and we'll update it in our database.

When submitting new or updated school information, please be sure to include:

  • Full name of the school
  • Address of the school
  • Grades served (i.e. K-12)
  • Total student population 
  • Is your school public or private?
  • What school district does it belong to?
  • If you happen to know your school's NCES id or MDR id, please include it as well.

Ready to submit your school?  Let us know via this form.

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