User Account Types: Students, Teachers, Power Users and Admins breaks users into 4 groups with varying levels of access:

Access Levels:

Students can:

  • Play, master words
  • View their progress
  • View and learn lists created by other users 
  • Create lists 
  • Join classes and complete class assignments
  • See class leaderboards for the classes they are in
  • Appear on individual leaderboards
  • Compete for their school in the Vocabulary Bowl (US & Canada only)

Teachers can also:

  • Create classes
  • Invite users to join their classes
  • Assign activities.
  • View reports and monitor student progress for every user in their class 

Power Users can do everything that a teacher can do, and can also:

  • Invite teachers to join a school's subscription.
  • See school and district level reporting.
  • See class reports for any class.
  • See progress for any student in any class.

Administrators can do everything that power user can do, and can also:

  • Invite power users
  • Invite fellow administrators
  • Remove users from the subscription
  • Configure user authentication and single sign on

Read more: Adding and Managing Users

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