Monitoring Your Trouble Words

As you play, we'll keep track of the words you're having trouble with.  To see this list of words, visit the My Progress section and look for the heading Trouble Words.  Click on All Trouble Words to see all of your current trouble words.

The list is sorted with the words you are having the most trouble with recently at the top. You can choose to sort the list in other ways by clicking the sort button at the top right corner of the list.

As you continue to master words on, the words on your trouble word list will change.  Words that you master will move to the Words I've Mastered list and will be replaced with newer words that you are working on.

The trouble words list is a good place to look for words to study outside of  For example, you may want to browse the example sentences from our dictionary and then craft your own sentences that mimic the way the word is used in the wild.

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