Practicing a List (Video)

Practice sessions are short exercises generally designed to be done in a single sitting. When you practice a list, you'll play only questions on the words in your list.  We'll show you a few questions on each word in your list and focus on words that you struggle with.  It's like a mini-version of The VocabTrainer, but just on the words in your list.


To start practicing a list, go to any Vocabulary List page (or create your own) and click the Practice box.

We'll give you three questions on every word in the list.  If you get a question wrong, you'll see that question again, plus another question on that word.  

Even though Practice sessions were designed to be done in one session, you can always leave and come back to a practice session - we'll remember where you left off.

To see your progress in a practice session, look below and to the left of the VocabTrainer at the practice progress indicator. You can also practice a list more than once if you just want to refresh your memory. 


Resume Practice button


As you play... 

We'll automatically add any word that you struggle with during a practice session to your learning program.

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Note: In order for a word on your list to be tested, it has to be "learnable" on  If a word does not have a green check next to it in the word list, it means that it is not yet learnable.  We currently have over 15,000 learnable words and are adding more every day.  

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Note: You cannot yet practice a list in the mobile app. However, you can learn lists through the app.

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