Question Types and Modes

Question Types

There are 10 different question types on

  1. Synonym - We show you a word, and you pick the word that is closest in meaning to the given word.
  2. Antonym - We show you a word and you pick the word that has the opposite meaning.
  3. Definition - We show you a word, you pick the definition of that word.
  4. Image -
    A. We show you a word and four images.  You choose the best picture for that word.
    B. We show you an image and four words to choose from. Pick the word that best fits the picture.
  5. Fill in the Blank - We show you a sentence that is missing one word, you pick the best word that fits in the blank.
  6. Sentence Definition - We show you a sentence, highlighting one word, you pick the definition of the word using context clues from the sentence.
  7. Sentence Synonym - We show you a sentence, highlighting one word, you pick a word that could be substituted for the highlighted word, using context clues from the sentence.
  8. Polysemous Sentence Synonym - Similar to sentence synonym, but for words that have multiple meanings.  You'll really have to read carefully, since the correct answer can only be gleaned from a close reading of the text. 
  9. Apply the Meaning - These questions require you to apply the knowledge you have of a word to answer a simple real-world question.
  10. Spelling - In this spelling-bee style question, you have to spell the word. You can see the definition of a word (with the word itself missing), and hear it pronounced. 

Question Modes

In addition, each question you see will be given in a certain question mode. The question mode is one factor in how we count your answer towards your overall mastery of the word.  It also determines how many points you will be awarded if you get it right.

Here are the four question modes:

  • Assessment Assessment questions are used to determine what words you know. Answering these questions helps us determine your overall vocabulary knowledge. If you get a question wrong, we'll schedule some follow-up questions. Get a few of those wrong and we may add the word the question is based on to your learning program. (100 points / 50 points if you take a hint)
  • Review - If you get a question wrong, you’ll see it again as a review question. A review question is given to ensure that you have learned from the question you’ve missed, so pay attention! (75 points)
  • Progress - Once a word has been added to your learning program, we’ll continue to ask you new progress questions about it until you’ve mastered the word. (100 points)
  • Brush-up - Even after you’ve mastered a word, we still check up on you every once in a while with a mastery review question. (100 points)



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