Studying for a Quiz / Doing Homework with

Studying for a Quiz or Test

To use to study a list of words for homework, or to prepare for an upcoming quiz,

start by making or finding a list. Then click on the "Practice" tab. When you practice a list, you'll only see questions on the words in your list. We'll show you a few questions on each word in your list and focus your attention on words that you struggle with. It's like a mini-version of The VocabTrainer, but just on the words in your list.

Practice sessions are short exercises designed to be done in a single sitting — perfect for preparing for tomorrow's vocabulary test! You can also practice a list more than once if you want to refresh your memory.

If you struggle with any words during a practice session, we'll automatically add those words to your learning program. To master all the words on a list (which will take some time), click the "Start Mastery" button. This will add every word in the list to your overall learning program. 

Using with Books You are Reading

What are you reading in class?  Search our vast list library; chances are we have pre-made vocabulary lists that cover the words that you will come across in your reading. We also organize our book-based word lists into chapter sections, so that each list is not too long. This way you can spread out your vocabulary learning over the course of your reading.

Try doing a Practice session before you read the next chapter: that way, you'll be familiar with all the words before you encounter them in the text.

Try playing a Spelling Bee 

Spelling test coming up? Try using our spelling bee. Simply create a list of the words you need to learn and click the "Spelling Bee" tab. You'll hear each word pronounced, and then you'll have to spell the word correctly. If you get one wrong, you'll break your streak and have to repeat it sometime in the future.




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