Changing your Email Notification Preferences

Once you confirm your email address on, you will be able to change your Email Notification Preferences.  

Note: We will not send any notification emails to you until we have confirmed that you can successfully receive email.

On the Email Notification screen, you can manage which type of notification emails you'd like to receive from us.  By default, we'll sign students up for our Question of the Week email, which includes a question, personalized just for you, sent to you — you guessed it — once a week from

Educators are signed up for our Weekly Educator Update" email, which sends you a summary of what your students worked on last week, plus suggested new lists to assign and a digest of new posts for educators from our blog. These are sent from If you like, you can still opt into our Question of the Week and Word of the Day emails as an educator from the Email Preferences page. 


How do I unsubscribe to a particular email?

At the bottom of each email is a link to unsubscribe. Click on the link, and then confirm that you are unsubscribing. Or, change your Email Notification Preferences.  


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