Introduction to Teacher and School/District Wide Licenses


What you get with a Teacher License: 

Explore the Teacher Dashboards

Gain valuable insights into your students' performance and get the data you need to effectively intervene when students are struggling. See overall class performance, export assignment data from our grade book view, and drill down to the student, word, and question-level for every class and student.

Read more: Monitoring Class Activity & Progress


Create Custom Quizzes

Assess your students' knowledge of a vocabulary list. Pick which words, definitions, and questions to include. Assign the same quiz twice to measure student improvement. quizzes are self-grading and have anti-cheating features in place.

Read more: Creating a Quiz


Schedule and Customize Vocabulary Jams

Get your students excited about learning new words with our head-to-head vocabulary game. Pick the words, definitions, and questions to include in a Vocabulary Jam. Create your Jam up to two weeks in advance and schedule it to start at a specific time. 

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Personalize Lists

Add custom example sentences on vocabulary lists. Write personalized notes for your student to appear alongside the words on your list. 

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With a school/district license you get all that AND: 


Administrator Dashboards (School and District plans only)

See performance at the district, school, and teacher levels with our powerful Administrator Dashboard. Give building and district level administrators access to reports to see where vocabulary instruction is taking hold.  Administrators can drill down to see reports at the school, teacher, class, and even student levels.  

Read more: Introduction to the Administrator Dashboards


Tiered Access (School and District plans only)

Subscribers to a school or district wide site license get the ability to control access to their account via our 4-tier user permissions system:

  • Administrator - Full account control and access to all reports
  • Power User - Designed for building level admins, get access to limited reports and add teachers accounts.
  • Teacher - Can create classes and see class and student level information.
  • Student - Limited access account.

Read more: User Access Levels


Advanced User Authentication & SingleSign On (SSO) Support (School and District plans only)

Let your students access with their existing school login by taking advantage of one of our single sign-on (SSO) options.  Whether your district uses Google Apps for Education, Clever Instant Login, ClassLink, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), or any SAML 2.0 Identity Provider, our implementation team will work with your district to find the best way for your students and teachers to access

Read more: User Authentication Options


Customized Contracting and Data Sharing Agreement Support (School and District plans only)

We are happy to work with customers with a school or district-wide license to accommodate any reasonable contracting needs that you have.


Implementation Training & Support  (School and District plans only)

In addition to the free fall webinars, that all users have access to, we also have personalized online training and in-person professional development available for purchase.


How do you purchase a teacher license? What does it cost?

We have a number of different subscription options to fit the needs of every teacher. Select the plan that's right for you on our pricing page.


My school / district may already be a subscriber. How do I know?

Read this article that will help you determine if you have access to your school or district's subscription. Simply accept the invitation from your school's administrator by clicking on the invitation link.

Read more: How do I know if I have access to a school subscription?




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