Class Pages and Leaderboards

Every class that is created on has two views, the Student view and the Teacher view.

The Student View of a Class

When students view a class, they can see:

  • Assignments for the class - A list of all the assignments for the class, and their progress for those assignments (if they are a student in the class).  Note: Students will also receive notifications of Assignments when they log into
  • Overall Class Leaderboard - The top 5 students, sorted by points scored during the class period, as well as your individual position if you are not among the top 5 in the class.
  • This Week / Last Week Leaderboard - Similar to the overall leaderboard, but for this week and last week
  • Overall Class Stats - Stats for this class, including the number of students, overall points earned and words mastered. 

Teachers: The student view of a class is a great way to encourage a little competition inside of your classroom.  Try recognizing the top student on the leaderboard each week, pit your classes against each other, or even divide your class into teams and make a class for each of them.

Note: Leaderboards, student names, and stats are not visible to anyone who is not a member of the class.


The Teacher View of a Class

When teachers view a class, they can see what students see, plus three additional tabs:

  • Student Progress - This tab allows you to monitor student activity and to drill down in order to measure individual student performance.  Read more: Introduction to the Teacher Dashboard
  • Add Students & Teachers - This is where you manage your class roster and invite students to join your class. Read more: Adding Students to a Class
  • Assignments - This is where you can see and edit all the work you've assigned the class, and view your class's progress on the work you have assigned.

Note: If your school or district has not purchased a subscription, you will not have access to student data but can still send direct URLs of lists to your students to Practice on their own.  Other students will have small lock icons next to their names in the reports.  Read more: Subscription plan FAQ



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