Learning / Mastering a List

When you view vocabulary lists on Vocabulary.com, you will see an Add to Learning Program button on the top right corner of every list page. Click this button and we will add every word on the list to your Learning Program.


Click the "Add to Learning Program" button to add every word on a list to your learning program.


Once you click the button, you'll see your progress towards mastering all the words on the list:


Your progress towards mastering a list

 To stop learning a list, click the Remove from Learning Program button.

When you elect to learn a list, we will work with you until you master every word on the list. Remember, mastering words takes time, so learning a list (which is really mastering every word on that list) can take a long time.  For some long lists, it could take months.  For that reason, we really recommend that you use Practice for shorter term goals like learning words for a quiz or homework.  

Read more: Practicing a List vs. Learning a List,  What does it take to "master" a word?


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