Handling Students without Email Addresses

Vocabulary.com has a number of different authentication options available to subscribers, many of which do not require a student's email address. 


Authentication Option Summary:

  Self Service
(default option)
Google Apps Clever Instant Login SAML 2.0
Email Address Required? Yes - Users over the age of 13 need to have a working email

No - Users under the age of 13 do not need an email, as long as they have a parent or teacher's email address

No No No
Accounts Provisioned By Students create their own accounts Google Apps Domain Administrator District Network / Clever Administrator  District Network Administrator
Student Access Students log in with their username and password  Students use their Google account credentials to access Vocabulary.com. They may access via the Google Apps Quick-launch menu, or by a link placed on school portal or intranet. Students log in using district assigned username and password via the Clever Instant Login portal, or link placed on school portal or intranet. Students log in using district assigned username and password from school portal or intranet.
Password Setup / Reset Students choose their own and reset via email  District sets initial username and password, user may reset via Google Apps District sets initial username and password and sets password reset policy. District sets initial username and password and sets password reset policy.
Read More Read more: User Authentication Options  Read more: User Authentication using Google Apps Read more: User Authentication using Clever Read more: User Authentication using SAML 2.0



Options for Self-Service Users:

If your school has opted to use self-service, but your students do not have email addresses, you may have your students sign up, indicate they are under 13, and use their teacher's email (or a shared email address) as the parent email.

This way, it's possible for teachers to sign up their class using their own email or a class email address they control. 

To do this:

  • Go to the sign up page to create the student's account.
  • For the My Birthday field near the top of the form, enter a birth year indicating the student is under 13.
  • In the parent's email address field, enter the teacher or communal email address.
  • Be sure to select a username that the student can remember, this will be what they use to log in rather than an email address.

Please note that the confirmation email, as well as all password reset emails for the students you signed up, will come to the email address you provided. 

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