User Authentication using Google Apps (Video)

If you provide your students and teachers with Google Apps, students can login to using their Google Account.


  • Uses Student’s Existing Username and Password from Google Apps.
  • Students do not have to learn a new username or password.


  • Access to must be restricted to the licensed users of the account.
  • Your Google Apps administrator will need to enable access to the app for your Google Apps Domain.

Separate teacher and student domains are highly recommended.


How to Set Up Google Apps Integration

Step 1: Go to and click the Request Google Apps Authentication button, then fill out the form. 

Step 2: Install the app from the Google Apps Marketplace

Step 3: Accept the terms of service and agree to share email addresses and basic profile information with

Step 4: Choose whether to notify your users (we recommend yes) and click the Next button twice.

Step 5: Click the Launch app button. This step is very important. If you do not click the Launch App button, your installation will not be complete.

Your account manager will follow up with you once they receive the request you submitted in Step 1 to link your subscription if possible and provide any additional support if required.

Google Apps Sign In Process

Students have two options to login:

Option 1:
Students go to

Student signs in to school account and is taken directly to

Option 2:
Student signs in to school Google account.

Student opens Google Apps menu and selects icon. 

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