Adding Students to a Class (Video)

A class is a group of up to 50 students that you can monitor on for up to a year. A class has a name, a start date and end date (the class period), a description, and an optional school affiliation (US and Canada only).

Educators can create classes, assign work to them, and monitor their progress.   

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How to Invite Students to Your Classes

Students join your class by clicking on an invitation link, or by typing the invitation URL directly into their browser.  Once they click the invitation link or type in the URL, they will join the class, and they won't need the link anymore. You will have access to all of their work performed on during the class period.

Steps to invite students to join your class:

  • Go to your class page -  You can see all the classes you are teaching by going to the Classes I'm Teaching page.  Click on the class you'd like to invite students to join.
  • Click on the Add Students & Teachers Tab - Use Add Students & Teachers to populate and manage your class roster. There you will see two options for inviting students to your class.

Then you can:

  1. Email invitations to your students -  If your students have email addresses, this is the best option.  Enter up to 50 email addresses separated by commas or new lines then click the "Invite Students" button.  We'll send an invitation link to each student.
  2. Print a handout / Share the class invitation URL - If you don't have your students' email addresses, click the Print a Handout button to print a page containing the class invitation URL as well as instructions for how to use it.  You may also copy and paste the class invitation URL shown on the page and share it with your students.


 The Add Students & Teachers Tab


What happens when students click the class invitation link?

When a student clicks the invitation link, they join your class.  If they have an account on and are already logged in, they will automatically join the class.  Otherwise, they will be instructed to log in or be given simple instructions on how to create a free account on

Once a student joins your class, they won't need the join URL anymore. You will have access to all of their work performed on during the class period. 

After a student joins your class, they will have access to the Student View of the class. This includes the class leaderboard and a list of assignments and due dates for the class. The class leaderboard contains the top 5 students in the class, sorted by points earned during the class period. Class leaderboards are an ideal way to encourage friendly competition among the students in your classes.


What happens if a student joins the class late?

Not to worry! Once a student joins your class, you will be able to see all their activity from during the entire class period, even if it occurred before the point when they joined the class.


Can a student leave the class?

Yes. Students can leave (or join) a class at any time.  They can elect to leave themselves, or you can remove a student from your class at any time from the Add Students & Teachers page for the class.


Can I move a student to another class?

Yes. You can move students to any other class you teach at any time. You can do this from the Add Students & Teachers page for the class they are currently in.


What is a "Pending Student Request"?

Students can ask to join your class if they have not received an invitation or do not have the class invitation URL.   If they click the "Join this Class" button on your class' page, you will receive an email notification that you have Pending Student Requests for your class.  When you visit your class page, you will be able to approve (or deny) the pending student join requests.


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