Assigning Work to a Class (Video)

Assigning work to your classes is easy. Simply follow these steps:

Find a vocabulary list you'd like to assign.  Go to the Vocabulary Lists home page and search for a list, or create your own.  

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Click the Assignments tab.  Once you've found (or made) the perfect list, go ahead and click the tab that says Assignments.

Select the classes you want to assign the list to. Under the Assignments tab, you'll see a list of activities you can assign to your class. Select the activity you wish to assign.

Select the classes you want to assign the list to. After selecting the activity, you'll see a list of classes you can assign this activity too. Select the class or classes you'd like to complete this activity. If you haven't made any classes yet, you can click the Create a New Class button to start your first class. 

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Select a visible date and due date for your assignment.  Every assignment must have a visible and due date.  This helps organize and prioritize assignments for students who have multiple assignments. The default visible date is today and the default due date is 1 week from today.  Note that due dates are for information purposes only, students may still complete work after the assignment is due. You can see which assignments were submitted late in your teacher dashboard.

Describe your assignment.  Optionally, enter some directions to the students who will be working on the assignment.

Click Assign this List.   You're done! Students in the classes you selected will receive a notification that there is an assignment pending the next time they log into  

The new assignment(s) will appear in the Existing Assignments column. To view the results of an assignment, click the bar chart icon next to the assignment. To change an assignment, click the pencil icon next to the assignment.  To delete one, click the X icon.  Assignments you create here will also be visible on the Assignments tab for each class you assigned the work to.

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The Assignments tab.

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