Introduction to Classes

What is a class?

A class is a group of up to 200 students that you can monitor on for up to a year.  A class has a name, a start date and end date (the class period), a description, and an optional school affiliation (US and Canada only).

Educators can create classes on, assign work to them, and monitor their progress.   

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How do I create a class?

Educators can create a class by clicking the Create a New Class button on the Educator home page.  Don't see the Create a New Class button?  You may not be self-identified as an Educator.  To become an Educator on, change your profile to read "I am: an Educator". 

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How do I add students to my class?

Students join your class by clicking on an invitation link, or by typing the invitation URL into their browser directly.  You can send the invitations via email, or you can print out a hand-out that you give your students.  Once they click the invitation link, they will join the class, and they don't need the link anymore. You will have access to all of their work performed on during the class period.

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What do students see when they join the class? 

When a student joins your class, they will have access to the Student View of the class.  This includes the class leaderboard and a list of assignments and due dates for the class.  The class leaderboard contains the top 5 students in the class, sorted by points earned during the class period.  Class leaderboards are an ideal way to encourage friendly competition among the students in your classes.

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What happens if a student joins the class late?

Not to worry! Once a student joins your class, you will be able to see all of their activity across the entire class period, even if it occurred before the point when they joined the class.


How do I assign work to a class?

Find a vocabulary list you'd like to assign to your class and click the Assignments tab. Select the activity you wish to assign and then the class (or classes) you want to assign it to. Click the Assign button and you're done.  The next time your students log into, they'll be notified of the assignment.

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How do I monitor the activity of a class?

You monitor class activity by viewing the Student Progress page for that class.  There you will find detailed interactive reports that allow you to see what your class is doing as a whole, as well as drill down to the student, list and question level.

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Why do I not have access to classes?

A basic account on does not allow you to create classes.  To unlock classes, you or your school will have to purchase a subscription.  If you believe that your school has purchased a subscription, you'll need a Teacher Invite to unlock your reports.  Contact your administrator to get your invite, or contact us and we'll put you in touch with your administrator.


Can a student be in more than one class?

Absolutely. You can, for example, create teams within a class (and an overall class that contains all the students) to create intra-class team competitions.


What happens at the end of my class?

Your class is archived.  You can see the results of your class, but you won't be able to monitor any work from students that occurs after the end date of your class.  You can adjust the end date of a class to add more time, but classes may never be longer than one year.


Can I delete a class?

Yes, but only if it is empty.  First, remove all students from your class, then you will be able to delete it.

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