Using the Usage Example Browser

A great way to learn vocabulary words is to see them in context. The Usage Example Browser allows you to browse thousands of sentences for any word you look up in the Dictionary so that you can see how a word is "used in the wild."

Usage examples come directly from our corpus, which is our ever-growing collection of high-quality sentences from edited sources that include recent and classic works of fiction and non-fiction, newspaper articles, and magazines. We ingest thousands of articles and books every day, and sort them by category:

  • Fiction - Recent and classic works of fiction.
  • Arts / Culture - Recent articles from magazines and newspapers that have been classified as being about the arts or cultural topics such as music, dance, theater, film, painting, sculpture, etc.
  • News - Recent articles from magazines and newspapers about current events.
  • Business - Recent articles from magazines and newspapers about business topics.
  • Sports - Articles about sports.
  • Science / Medicine - Articles and Books about science and medicine.
  • Technology - Articles about technology and the technology industry.


In the Usage Example Browser, you can click on any category at the top to filter the example sentences by that category. To see the original article (or book) where the sentence appeared, click the title or date below each sentence.  Want to see more examples? Click on Next to show another group of usage examples.



The Usage Example Browser

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