Everything you can do with a List

Once you make a list (or use one of our thousands of pre-existing lists), there are lots of things you can do with them.

Once you've made (or selected) a list, you can:

Review and Sort the List:  Scroll down on the list page to see all the words on the list, their definitions, example sentences, and any notes you added to each word.  Sort the list alphabetically, by difficulty, or by the order in which it was made.  You can also choose to view the list as a simple comma-separated list, or complete with full definitions, example sentences, and notes. 

Practice a List:  Click the Practice button to start an exercise that will ask you a few questions on every word on the list. The more questions you get wrong on a word, the more questions we'll show you for that word.  Repeat practice activities as many times as you like.  Practice is great for brushing-up on a list before a test.  Of course, if we notice you're having any trouble with any words during practice, we'll automatically add them to your overall learning program. 

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Do a Spelling Bee:  Click the "Spelling Bee" button to try out our spelling feature. You'll hear the word and see a definition. Spell the word correctly and move on to the next word.  Make a mistake and you'll lose your streak — and have to spell the word again in a later round. 

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Assign a List to your classes:  If you are a teacher, you can easily select an activity and assign a list to one or more of your classes.  After you assign a list, your students will be notified of the assignment the next time they log in. Plus, you'll be able to track how much work each of your students have done on the list.

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Share a List:  Share any list on social media or email your friends and colleagues a link.

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Edit a List:  Perfect your list by adding or removing words, picking example sentences, and choosing which definition you want to display for words with more than one definition.

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Copy a List:  If you find a list you love, but just want to change a few things to suit your needs, no problem — just press the Copy This List To... button and copy it to a new list.  We'll place all the words, definitions, descriptions, and example sentences on the new list, which you can edit if you have a subscription. You can even use the Copy This List To... tool to combine multiple lists into one.

Delete a List: If you really want to, you can delete lists you create, too. Simply edit the list and click the delete button.

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