Finding a Collection or Vocabulary List

Go to the Vocabulary List home page. There you will find featured collections and lists from our main list categories:

  • Test Prep - Lists for studying for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT and GRE.  
  • Morphology & Roots - Lists that focus on word roots (Greek, Latin and others) and word parts like prefixes and suffixes.
  • Literature - Lists from the texts most commonly taught in classrooms.
  • Historical Documents - Lists based on founding documents and other historically important texts.
  • Speeches - Lists based on famous speeches from history, as well as recent speeches from important dignitaries. 
  • Just for Fun - Fun lists about anything pop-culture related. 
  • News - Lists drawn from current events.

Use the search bar to look up collections and/or lists based on author, book title, or keyword. 


Find a list you like? Click the Bookmark this List button to save it for later, start a Practice session, or if you are a teacher, assign it to your students. 

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