How do you choose the words that you teach me? Can I choose my own?

How do you know what words to teach me?
Every question that you answer gives us a better understanding of the words that you know and those you don’t. As you answer more questions, we have a better idea of what words to test you on. If you miss questions or elect to choose a hint, we'll schedule follow-up questions on that word.  Miss a few more? We'll add those words to your learning program.

Can I choose the words I learn?
Yes! You have two choices:

  1. Add a word to your learning program: Head over to the dictionary, look up a word, and click the Start Learning it Now button.  We'll add it to your learning program and we'll focus more on that word in the future. 
  2. Learn your own list (or someone else's): You can also choose to learn a specific list of words. Start by creating a Vocabulary List, save it, and then click the Practice this List tab. We'll give you a short exercise that will test you on all the words in that list.  Want to master every word in the list? Click the Learn this List button and we'll add every word in the list to your learning program.

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