Points, Levels, Achievements & Leaderboards (Video)

How is my score calculated?
Each Assessment, Progress, and Brush-up question is initially worth 100 points. If you click on a hint, the question is then worth 50 points. Each review question is worth 75 points.

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What levels are there?
There are 20 levels on Vocabulary.com. Everyone starts out as a Novice and moves their way up to becoming a Word Czar.

  1. Novice (0+ Points)
  2. Hotshot (5,000+ Points)
  3. Phenom (25,000+ Points)
  4. Prodigy (50,000+ Points)
  5. Brainiac (100,000+ Points)
  6. Savant (200,000+ Points)
  7. Maven (300,000+ Points)
  8. Verbivore (400,000+ Points)
  9. Logophile (500,000+ Points)
  10. Sage (600,000+ Points)
  11. Maestro (700,000+ Points)
  12. Guru (800,000+ Points)
  13. Polymath (900,000+ Points)
  14. Sesquipedalianist (1,000,000+ Points)
  15. Lexicomaniac (2,000,000+ Points)
  16. Vocabularian (5,000,000+ Points)
  17. Walking Dictionary (10,000,000+ Points)
  18. Running Dictionary (25,000,000+ Points)
  19. Mastermind (50,000,000+ Points)
  20. Word Czar (100,000,000 Points)


What are the various achievements I can earn?

In addition to level badges, there are achievements for the number of words mastered, streaks, and other goals like scoring a perfect round. You can see a full list of the achievements here.

If you are a student in the US and Canada, you can play for your school and help your school win school achievement badges.   Every word you master while playing for your school earns your school one point.  We award monthly badges to schools at the state and national level. And, at the end of the year, the high school and middle school with the most points wins our Vocabulary Bowl.

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Want to see how you stack up against your friends, classmates, and the rest of the Vocabulary.com community?  Head over to our leaderboards section.  Click on any leaderboard to see where you stand.

See individual, and school leaderboards by day, week, or month.  We have leaderboards for total points, words mastered, and every other achievement you can earn.  How many other people got a streak of 25 questions correct in a row this week?  Find out here.



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