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The Dictionary Advanced Search is a powerful tool to help you find just the right word(s) you need. It uses a series of parameters to help you discover, explore and refine your search. 

Tip: Press Enter to see how we format the query for any advanced search. Once you learn the operators, you can format your own advanced search without opening the panel.

Here are the different types of filters you can apply:

  • Part of speech - Select the parts of speech you'd like to include in your search.
  • Restrict to synonyms/antonyms - Limit results to be synonyms or antonyms of the given word.  Try: happy
  • Syllable range - Restrict to words with the given number of syllables.  Tip: You can leave either number blank to search words that have more or less than the given number.
  • Rhymes with - Find words that rhyme with the given word.  Try: jello  
  • Ends with - Find words that end with a given sufffix. Tip: you can also do begins with by using the * wildcard operator.  Try: pre*
  • Definition contains - search the full text of all the definitions
  • Type of - search for types of the word you enter. Try: typeof:game
  • Example of - search for examples of the word you enter. Try: exampleof:river
  • Parts of - search for parts of something.  Try: partsof:computer 


Try combining different operators for fun results! For example, can you think of a two-syllable word that rhymes with toast?  Try searching for: syllables:2 +rhyme:toast.



The Advanced Search Panel

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