Editing a List (Video)

You can edit your list by clicking the Edit button at the top right on any list page.  Please note, you may only edit lists that you created.  If you'd like to modify someone else's list, use the "Copy This List To..." button and then select "New List" if you want to create a separate list. Clicking on one of your other lists will merge the lists. 



Copy this list to...Edit

When you click on the Edit button on a list, you will be taken to the list editor screen.

There you may:

  • Rename your list.  Enter a short title for your list. (Up to 255 characters, no HTML allowed)
  • Edit the description.  Enter a short description for your list. (Up to 5,000 characters, simple HTML including links, bold and italics allowed)
  • Share (or hide) the list.  Lists can be either shared or private.  Private lists are only visible to you.  If you want to assign your list to students, it must be shared.
  • Delete your list.  Click the Delete This List button and confirm at the prompt to delete your list. 
  • Add words.  Add words to your list by scrolling to the bottom and typing into the text box labeled "add a word".  Type your word (or start typing and use autocomplete) to add a word.  Press enter to add another word.
  • Delete words.  Hover your mouse over any word and click the red "X" button to delete any word.
  • Edit example sentences.  If you purchased or are part of a subscription, you can write your own example sentence, or click Browse Example Sentences to browse recent high-quality examples of your word from our corpus of curated literature and news sources.  Note: We will automatically bold any occurrences of the word in the example sentence you create or select.
  • Edit notes.  If you purchased or are part of a subscription, you can add or edit notes for any word entry by typing them into the "Notes" field for that entry.  You may enter simple HTML (links, bold, italics) into this field.
  • Select definitions.  If you'd like to choose a specific definition of a word, click the "Edit" button next to the definition of any word.  Select the definition you'd like displayed with that word by checking the circle next to the definition in the first column. Select the definition(s) you would like Vocabulary.com to focus on by checking the box(es) in the second column. Note: In order to master a word, you will need to learn every primary definition of the word, but we will start with the one(s) chosen.
  • Sort your list.  To sort your list, use the Sort Words pull-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the list editing page.
  • Edit as a list (bulk edit).  To add, remove, or re-order words in bulk, click the "Edit as a List" tab.  There you can add, remove, and re-order all your words at once.  Note that we will maintain any notes and descriptions you have already entered and will move them correctly if you re-order words on this screen.  


Selecting Definitions

Saving your changes

When you are done making your changes, click the Save List button to save your changes.



The List Editing Screen


What do the green checks next to my words mean?

If you see a green check next to a word, it means that we can teach it on Vocabulary.com. Words without a green check are not currently learnable. We have over 15,000 learnable words on Vocabulary.com and we are adding more every day.

Read more: What makes a word "learnable"?

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