Introduction to Vocabulary Lists

What is a Vocabulary List?

A Vocabulary List is what it sounds like, a list of vocabulary words.  To get started, just click the Start a New List button on the Vocabulary List home page.

What can I do with a Vocabulary List?

Actually, a lot. Once you make a list (or use one of our thousands of pre-existing lists), you can do vocabulary activities based on the words in the list.  Not only can you review the words on the list, but you can also add notes and example sentences that help you study and remember the words' meaning.

Once you've made (or selected) a list, you can:

Practice a List: Click the Practice button on a list to do a short exercise that will ask you a few questions on every word in the list. 

Do a Spelling Bee: Click the Spelling Bee button to try out our spelling feature. 

Create a Quiz: Click the Quiz button to create a quiz you can assign to students.

Learn the List:  Add all the words on the list to your learning program and master them all.

Flip through Flashcards: Use our ready-made flashcards at the top of any word list.

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How do I make a Vocabulary List?

There are a number of ways to make vocabulary lists on

From a list of words: If you already have a list of words, start by clicking the Start a New List button on the Vocabulary List home page.  Paste your list into the text box and click the "Next Step" button. Give your list a title and click the "Learn These Words" button and you're off to the races!

From any text: This part is pretty cool.  Start by clicking the Start a New List button on the Vocabulary List home page. Now paste text from any source into the text box — say, an article you are reading, or even a whole book (you can paste up to 100 pages).  Press the "Next Step" button, and we'll instantly analyze the text and grab all the relevant vocabulary words from the text.  These are words that we determine are necessary to fully understand the meaning of the text.  We'll highlight the top 10, but you can include (or exclude) as many as you like.  Click the Learn These Words button, and you instantly have a vocabulary learning plan customized to what you are learning.

Teachers, you can easily click the Assign These Words button to create assignments for your students using the same techniques.

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From the Dictionary or VocabTrainer™: If you look up a word in the dictionary, or have just played it in the VocabTrainer™, you can add it to a new or existing list just by clicking the Add to List button.

Using the Dictionary List Builder: Want to make a list of 25 different ways to walk?  Easy.  Use our advanced dictionary search to search for typeof:walking. Then click the List Builder button right underneath the search box.  Select your favorite 25 words and click the Create List button. Voilà!

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How do I find a pre-made list?

Go to the Vocabulary List home page. There you will find featured lists from our main list categories:

  • Literature - Lists from the fiction texts most commonly taught in classrooms.
  • Non-Fiction - Lists from non-fiction texts most commonly taught in classrooms.
  • Text Books & Curricula - Lists from textbooks and curricula texts most commonly used in 5-12 classrooms.
  • Test Prep - Lists for studying for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT and GRE.  
  • Morphology & Roots - Lists that focus on word roots (Greek, Latin and others) and word parts like prefixes and suffixes.
  • Historical Documents - Lists based on founding documents and other historically important texts.
  • Speeches - Lists based on famous speeches from history, as well as recent speeches from important dignitaries. 
  • Just for Fun - You name it. Fun lists about anything pop-culture related. 
  • News - Lists drawn from current events.

Of course, you can also search our vast library of over 500,000 curated and user-generated lists.

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