Tips and Best Practices While Playing The Challenge

If you can, play every day.

The best way to use is to play The Challenge on a regular basis, say 15 minutes a day. To play the Challenge, click the "Learn" button at the top of the website then click the "Play the Challenge" button.

Playing often helps because it allows us to refresh your memory, follow up on words that you've been struggling with and generally reinforce everything that you've learned.


Do yourself a favor, take a hint.

If you don't know, don't guess — take a hint.  This way, we'll know you're unsure and we'll give you a follow-up question on the word.  Hints don't hurt you, they help us make the experience better for you. Plus, you'll have a better chance of getting the question right!


This may seem obvious, but — pay attention. 

Slow down, read the question.  Many of our questions test multiple meanings of a word, or ask you for the opposite meaning. If you don't read the question, you're more likely to get it wrong.

When you do get a question wrong, pay attention to the explanation so you can learn the word. Not only will they help you remember the word, a lot of them are pretty funny.


Get to know the words you're learning.

Try using the words you're learning outside of, either in your writing or when talking to your friends. Look up the words you get wrong in the dictionary. Browse the example sentences, and then try to craft your own sentence that mimics the way the word is used in the wild.


Listen to each word's pronunciation.

You don't want to sound like an ignoramus the first time you decide to say a new word in public.  Save yourself the embarrassment — make sure you listen to every new word you learn.    



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