Can I add my own definitions to a list?

If a word has multiple definitions, you may select from our pre-existing definitions.

Here's how:

  • Click the Edit button on the list and find the word you'd like to change.
  • Click the "Edit" button next to the word's definition.
  • Select the definition you'd like displayed by checking the circle next to the definition in the first column.  Select the definition(s) you would like to focus on by checking the box(es) in the second column. 


If you need to include your own definition (or any other notes), subscribers can use the notes field on each word entry to add any information you'd like to share about each word.

Why can't I use my own definitions?

We require you to use our definitions because we tie the definitions you choose to the questions that we give on the word.  We teach each word based on groups of questions connected to each related meaning. If we allowed you to write a custom definition, we couldn't connect it back to a group of related questions in our database.

Read more: Editing a list


Note: Even if you select a particular definition and write notes or an example sentence for that definition your students will still see questions for every definition we have for that word. Our goal is to help the student master the word, and that means being able to understand it in any context!


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