Using Flashcards

Pre-made flashcards are available for every vocab word on’s vocabulary lists. You'll see them at the top of every list page! Flashcards are an excellent way for students to familiarize themselves with the words and engage in active recall.

The shuffle feature just below the cards serves as a perfect complement to the spaced repetition used in our adaptive Practice and VocabTrainer activities.

The spoken audio in the upper right corner can be used to listen to the pronunciation of the word just make sure the sound is up on your device. Engaging with an additional sense always helps word learning stick.


We believe an introduction to a list with flashcards can help students build confidence going into Practice sessions, Quizzes, Jams, and the Spelling Bee! We also encourage teachers to use lists as a word bank for external writing activities or even project these flashcards on the board to try as a class-wide activity!

Note: You cannot assign Flashcards to your class. However, all users have access to this tool.

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