What is an individual learner subscription?

Vocabulary.com now offers learner subscriptions! Learners can purchase a 1, 6, or 12 month subscription to receive full, unlimited access to all of the benefits of VocabTrainer™. Learner subscriptions to Vocabulary.com provide full access to VocabTrainer™ including:

  • Unlimited questions
    • Train your way without daily limits. Learn over 16,000 words with 242,000 questions on VocabTrainer™!
  • Personalized reports
    • Your report includes your vocabulary score, percentile comparison to other learners on Vocabulary.com, worldwide rank, and score tracking over time.

If you’re not ready to purchase a subscription, you can create a learner account to use Vocabulary.com without a subscription. You will be limited to10 VocabTrainer™ questions per day and have access to other word learning tools.

  • Complete Practice activities based on our 13,000+ curated vocabulary lists aligned to your favorite subject, seasonal themes, or the book you’re reading
  • Create custom lists and flashcards to learn the words you want to know
  • Chart your points, achievements, and trouble words
  • Play in or or host fun, competitive Vocab Jams
  • Browse our Dictionary, Word of the Day, or other vocabulary resources
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