Evaluating Student Progress on a Quiz (Video)

To evaluate your class's progress on a Quiz, first, go to the My Classes page. Then, select the class you assigned the activity to and click the Activity by Assignment tab. This tab will show all of the items you've assigned to this class including Spelling Bee activities, Practice activities and Quizzes. Select the Quiz you'd like to see student progress on.

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By default, All Students is selected. This allows you to see information on all of the students in this class. At the top are indicators showing the average score and progress the students have attained so far. To see results for an individual student, click their name from the column on the left side of the screen.

Below the indicators are the questions featured on your Quiz. These questions are sorted by most incorrect answers by default. You can click any of these questions to see which of your students answered them correctly. Clicking a student's name after selecting a question will show you the answer that student chose. You can use this information to dig deeper and find out exactly where each of your students encountered difficulty on a question. 

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