Playing the Spelling Bee (Video)

To play the spelling bee, make sure the sound is up on your device.

  • You'll hear each word pronounced and see the definition of each word (with the word itself blanked out).
  • Type each word into the text box and press the Spell It! button (or press enter) to submit your guess.  
  • If you get the spelling correct, click the "Next Word" button to move on to the next word. (Or, press the spacebar).
  • If you spell it incorrectly at first, keep trying until you get it right. After your second guess, we'll start giving you hints. After your third try, we'll allow you to move on by clicking the "I Surrender" button to go to the next word.
  • Stay sharp! You'll have to re-do any words you've missed before the round is over.
  • The Spelling bee is timed, and the clock begins when you are shown a word. It pauses when you have spelled the word correctly.
  • Click the Look Up or Add to List button after completing a word to learn more about that word or to add it to a list of words to study for later.


If you have been assigned a spelling bee by your teacher, you will have a set number of words to spell. Your assignment will not be completed until you have spelled every word on the list correctly.

Good luck, and get buzzy spelling!

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