Completing a Quiz: Students (Video)

When your teacher assigns you a Quiz, the assignment will appear on your Assignments and Activites page. You’ll also see a notification the next time you log on to or when a new Quiz is assigned.

Taking a Quiz



There is no time limit for each question, though when you complete the Quiz, you will see how long it took you. You'll have one opportunity to answer each question on the Quiz. The value percentage of each question is determined by the total number of questions on the Quiz. For instance, on a Quiz of 10 questions, each question is worth 10%; on a Quiz of 25 questions, each question is worth 4%. Additionally, correct answers still earn you points.

If you leave the Quiz before completing it, you will not get credit for the last question you saw. You can, however, return to the Quiz later and resume your work on the rest of the questions.

Looking at any page other than the Quiz on your computer will initiate a count down. You have 10 seconds per question to return to the Quiz. Failing to do so before the counter falls to zero will result in losing credit for the question you were on.

What Happens When You Finish a Quiz

When you complete the Quiz, you will see your score, the number of questions you answered correctly and the total number of questions on the Quiz.  You will also see the amount of time it took you to complete the Quiz, along with your whole class’s average and best scores and times.

You can click on View Detailed Results to review each question, this time with your answer choice shown along with the correct answer. 



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