Creating a Quiz (Video)

In addition to Practice activities, we offer the option to customize and assign Quizzes and Spelling Bees based on Vocabulary Lists. Assigning Quizzes is exclusive to users with a teacher or school/district wide subscription.

To create a quiz based on a list you've given to your students to practice, click on any of your classes and then on Activity by List.


Next click on the Vocabulary List you want to create a quiz for. On the right side of the page that appears next, locate the Assign a Quiz button in orange.



You can also create a quiz from any Vocabulary List. Click on the Assignments tab and then on the orange Quiz icon.




Creating and Customizing a Quiz


Give your quiz a name. The title of the list is shown as a suggested title. On the left, choose the class or classes you wish to assign the quiz. On the right, select the day and time when you’d like the quiz to be visible to students and a due-date. The default is to make the list visible immediately and be due one week from now, just before midnight, but you can change either of these.


Next click on Choose Words & Questions. On the left, select the words from the list that you would like to include. You can do this manually or click on the gray gear icon to the top right of the words to sort by level of trouble students have had, difficulty level, alphabetically, or choose the first 10, 20 or 25 words on the list. Would you like to add other words to the quiz? To do so, you must edit the Vocabulary List on which it is based before continuing.

Read more: Editing a List

Choose the number of questions you want students to see on each word. Below the word box, you can choose between one, two or three questions per word.

Select the question types you would like students to encounter. Clicking on a question type will de-select it and clicking again will re-select it.

Choose the difficulty level of the questions under How hard should this quiz be? The difficulty scales from Very Easy to Very Hard from left to right. About Average is selected by default.

Click on Preview & Customize. On the following screen, you will see all of the questions to be included on this quiz. You will see them in alphabetical order by word but students will see them in random order. To the right of each word, you’ll find options to remove the question, replace it or add another question on that word. When you opt to replace or add a question, a panel will appear to the right. Scroll down to see all question options. Click on the question to add it to the quiz.


Click Assign this Quiz. When you are satisfied with the quiz, select Assign this Quiz. Your students will be notified they have a new assignment when you reach the date selected for when it becomes visible. 


Note: You can assign a pre-existing quiz to additional classes by returning to the list you created the initial quiz from and then clicking the "Assign" tab. Be sure to then select the second option (under "Create a New Quiz") which should be the title of your previously created quiz. Then just select the class you want to assign this copy of the quiz to, and select the green buttons on each page until you get to "Assign this Quiz."




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