Creating a Custom Leaderboard (Video)

Here at, we believe that the more students play and compete, the more they learn. That's why we've created a new feature that lets users create their very own leaderboards. Imagine vying for vocabulary supremacy with the other schools in your district, besting the school that snatched the debate club trophy from you last year, or even taking down your rivals on the football field by choosing words as your weapon. Now it's possible when you select them — or any schools out there — as your opponents on a custom Vocabulary Bowl leaderboard. 

Three custom leaderboards.

Getting Started

To get started, click on the Create a Leaderboard button, select a school to start, and then will suggest others in the region. Choose from the suggestions, or use the search field to customize your list. Save your selections and — presto! Your brand-new very own custom leaderboard will now appear on your leaderboards home page. You can update it at any time, which will come in handy when you want to add other contenders and create even more mini-Bowls!


After you select a school, we'll suggest others you might be interested in


Create. Share. Follow.

When you create a leaderboard or follow one that was shared with you, it will appear on your leaderboards homepage. Leaderboards that include schools you're playing for will also appear on your round summary page. Now, when you finish every round, you can see how your effort is propelling your school to victory.

Challenge Accepted

Creating your own leaderboards is all about bringing the Bowl closer to home. And that means an open, friendly approach to participation. If you like, you can share your new leaderboard with anyone you choose. If not, that's okay, too! 

Smaller Playing Field, Bigger Dreams

The ability to create your own version of the Bowl with up to fifty schools is one way that gives you the power to match the size of your playing field to the size of your ambitions. While word learning is just as powerful in any arena, when you choose to compete among a smaller number of schools, your shot at vocabulary greatness becomes more attainable. The custom leaderboard feature is just one of the ways the Vocabulary Bowl gives schools of all types and sizes more ways to compete this season, in addition to new divisions for school type and school size alongside the Overall Words Mastered standings.

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