Assigning a List to Your Classes


Assigning a list to your classes is easy:

  1. Find the list you'd like to assign.  Go to the Vocabulary List homepage to find a list, use our search, or use one of your own lists
  2. Click the "Assign this list" button at right.
  3. Select the classes you'd like to assign your list to.  Click the gray boxes next to each class to select them. Note: you may click more than one class.  If you have not created any classes yet, click the "Create a New Class" button.  Read more: Creating classes
  4. Enter a due date.  Select a due date for your assignment.  The default due date is one week from today. Note that due dates are for student information purposes only.  Students may continue to work on assignments after the due date.
  5. Enter directions to the students (optional).  Add any notes you'd like students to see when completing this assignment.
  6. Click the "Assign this List" button.


Viewing class and student progress on assignments

Once you create an assignment, you can view the reports on that assignment by visiting the reporting page for each class and clicking on the "Assignments" tab.

As a shortcut, you may click on the bar-chart button ("view student progress") next to each assignment on the list assignment page.

Read more: Viewing your assignments (Teachers)

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